Threading’s C#

Threads run in parallel within a single process, to understand why tread is useful, you can imagine application where one thread can fetch data in the background,while another thread can display the data as it arrives. When Treads are useful: Multithreading is useful when one thread is waiting for response, another thread can take advantage of using CPU. …

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How Threading Work – C#

Understanding a basic in threading is very important, you need to know logic to be able to do Multithreading. OS use processes to separate the different applications that they are executing. Threads are the basic unit to which an operating system allocates processor time, and more than one thread can be executing code inside that process. Thread scheduler is managed …

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Parallel execution of code C#

Introduction to Thread Multithreading is solution to parallel execution of code in C#. A thread is an independent execution path. Thread can run simultaneously with other threads. To use this Technic in C# you have to add namespaces call: using System; using System.Threading; lets look at simple example: class FirstThread { static void Main () { Thread thisThread = new Thread …

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