Software development methodology


Software Development

Applications and software are become one part of our daily life. Even can say we are using at least one application per day,  such as smart phone application, banking or chatting software. problem is there are lots of software engineer out there who don’t think like real software engineer. When you ask them what are you going to do for developing one software they will start talking about OOP, pattern, classes , frame work and this kind of things.

Most of them don’t have proper plan for developing and most important testing a software, and they will face problem in middle of process and some of them will give up. Here is the part you will understand how important is the planing.

Software development methodology or SDM is a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing. SDM include procedures, technique, tools and documentation which will help system developer in their task of implementation. Software development is about structure and technique. SDM is description of how to reach a goal. For example you can describe software as Machine, and distributed software as several machine which are works together to achieved goals. Now to build machine you need to have plan, also need to know what are the requirement and effort need to be done. You need to have plan for testing in different situation and make sure it work.  Most important things you have to select technology which you are going to work with.

Some of the well-known method:

  • Ad-hoc
  • Waterfall
  • Prototype
  • 4GL
  • Iterative
  • Agile

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