Software Development Methodologies

Prototyping Methodology

In this method developer will create portion of solution for demonstration. In demonstration process developers test the functionality and find requirement before proceed to final solution. Its good way for developer team to confirm they understand problem and requirement and make sure a propose solution will meat customer requirement. In fact this method will produce a temporary solution which will throw away …

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Waterfall Model

Waterfall model is talking about sequential design process, where developer fallows steadily downwards through the various phase of: Requirements Analysis Design Implementation Verification or Testing Maintenance Requirements Analysis:  First and most important phase in waterfall model. In this phase you will get all information base on customer requirements. Requirement should gather carefully in clearest possible …

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Software development methodology

  Applications and software are become one part of our daily life. Even can say we are using at least one application per day,  such as smart phone application, banking or chatting software. problem is there are lots of software engineer out there who don’t think like real software engineer. When you ask them what are you going to do for …

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