Waterfall Model


Waterfall model is talking about sequential design process, where developer fallows steadily downwards through the various phase of:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification or Testing
  • Maintenance

Requirements Analysis: 

First and most important phase in waterfall model. In this phase you will get all information base on customer requirements. Requirement should gather carefully in clearest possible terms. In this phase you have to understand customer requirement, business context and functionality of the program.


In this phase you have to define hardware, software, technology, interface, data and every thing needed to satisfy specified requirements. You need to choose a language and IDE in this phase.


In this phase you have to fallow last step and start constructing the product base on your design . This step is performed by a development team consisting of programmers, UI designer, Database Designer and others.


In this phase you have to ensure that your program is error-free and fully meet the requirements outlined in the first step. QA (Quality Assurance) team will define test case and all possible scenario to challenged the software.


This step occurs after installation, and involves making modifications to the system or an individual component to alter attributes or improve performance.

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