Extract file name from file Path in VB6

Imaging you have Path like: C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\ADOMD.NET\100\db.dll and you want extract file name “db.dll” from Path, here is the solution: Private Sub ExtractFileName (sPath As String) Dim aFName() As String Dim sPath2 As String Dim sFileName As String sPath2 = txtPath2.Text aFName = Split(sPath, “\”) sFileName=  aFName(UBound(aFName)) End Sub

How to Install VB6 on Windows vista , 7 and 8

Create a 0-byte file in the C:\Windows directory called msjava.dll. Don’t just install via the Autorun executable; instead browse the Visual Studio 6 CD (or folder), right-click Setup.exe and select Run As Administrator. On any Program Compatibility Assistant warnings, click Run Program. Step through the setup screens until you’re able to choose Custom Setup, then …

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